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Feathers And Fleece Training Programs

Feathers And Fleece Farm
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When Is the best time to start training your new puppy ?
8 weeks of age.
Who is best suited for early training of your puppy?
 but if you cannot handle the stress of training your new puppy,
the next logical choice would be your breeder.
Your new puppy already sees the breeder as his or her pack leader. 
The breeders were the first people he saw when he opened his eyes,
the breeder is the one who feeds him everyday, cleans after him everyday
and he trusts to take care of him.
Therefor it is only natural that the breeder would be a great source to
do continued training for crate, simple commands and leash walking making the
puppy burden much lighter on you the client.
This is what we do!
With a calm voice and gentle coaching we work with your puppy to teach
him the next phase of his life.
At Feathers And Fleece Farm we offer three programs for the puppies we raise.
At this time we do not offer puppy training to non clients.
Feathers And Fleece Farm offers a
1 week
2 week
4 week

puppy training program
each program is a bit more in depth.
For more information on each program click appropriate link.
*Puppy training programs must be paid for and scheduled in advance.

What your puppy comes home with ...

*Each puppy will receive a puppy report card with all of his or her accomplishments.
*Puppy training bell
*Age appropriate vaccinations
*Training Crate
*Teaching treat pack

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