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Feathers And Fleece Careers

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Highest Level of Education: *
Name of School: *
Year Completed: *
Major and/or Degrees:
Are you currently in school of any type or plan to be? If so when and where?: *
How many hours weekly are you looking to work?: *
Some weekends will be required. Are you willing to work weekends?: *
This job requires much cleaning. At times, cleaning up animal waste is necessary. Tools will be provided. Are you OK with cleaning up animal waste?: *
This job will require you to work regularly with dogs. Some dogs will exceed 100lbs. All dogs are friendly. Are you comfortable with this?: *
This can be a stenuous job. Are you able to lift at least 50lbs?: *
Pay is based on experience. What is your desired pay rate and why? *
We DO NOT allow smoking on property. Will this be a problem?: *
Do you have any previous experience working with animals, cleaning or kennel care? Please explain any relevant experience.: *