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Feathers And Fleece 1 Week Program

Puppy owners will tell you the first week is the hardest. 
There is the introduction to the crate,
the teaching your puppy to walk on a leash,
the accidents in the floor,
the crying because your puppy misses his old home.

For those clients that cannot handle the stress that
sometimes comes with a new puppy,
we offer the one week puppy program.
This program allows us to keep your puppy one additional week. 
During this time, we work diligently with your puppy on a potty routine
using the crate training method.
In addition we spend additional time working on good puppy behavior and
introduce your puppy to the harness and leash.
As a result you can expect your puppy to be accepting of his crate
and more accepting of his leash when he arrives at your home.
Making this time less stressful on the both of you.