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Feathers And Fleece 2 Week Program

The key to a well trained puppy is repetition and routine.
The two week program extends into our home.
The first week puppies are kept in our vet facility
that is on site in our new whelping house.
The second week we step it up and your puppy is brought into
our home. 
In 2011 we added onto our home and completely restored our
entire backyard, converting it into a puppies paradise and training facility.
We literally spent thousands making this a place puppies could thrive
in a clean and safe environment. 
We focus on crate training and good puppy behavior.

Puppies can be let in and out on a routine to play and potty.
They not only learn crate schedule, but the bell training system as well.
Puppies are on a feeding, potty, play routine just like they will be in their new homes.
Puppies learn more the schedule of life, and their crates.
They continue to work on harness and leash training and simple commands.
Puppies will also receive age appropriate vaccinations.
Our veterinarian makes bi weekly visits to our farm.
This program is our most popular. 
Clients have found it to be very helpful in the transition from
breeder to new client home.

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